Hear His Voice, Align With His Purpose, Fulfil Your Destiny...

Do you want to gain certainty with what God is saying, develop clarity with where He wants to take you and build confidence in how to play your part in His purpose? 

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Dear Christians Business Owner,


What would it look like for you and your business to see a 30, 60 or a 100 fold multiplication for every word God gave you? How would it feel to have absolute confidence that you and your business where fulfilling its responsibility in Gods purpose for you?

Imagine the impact, influence and transformation you could bring by fully aligning with God in your business. What would happen in your life and workplace if miracles where the normal?


Well, life would be exciting and business would definitely not be the same as usual. Hearing God's voice and following His heart would be an everyday experience. Seeing His hand move in power through you and the lives around you would leave you in a constant state of awe and wonder of His majesty. Your business would be a light unto the world with endless opportunities and the potential of what could happen is limitless.


Everyday decisions would be made by partnering with what God is doing and in alignment with where He is taking you. You would move with confidence overcoming any obstacle that may come and obstruct your way. But most importantly your relationship with the Lord would be set on fire drawing and keeping you close to His presence.

So ask yourself... are you sick and tired of being uncertain of what God is saying or unclear with where He is leading you? Are you fed up with not seeing fruit or progress towards prophetic words, dreams or promises you have received? Are you unsure of what steps you need to take to see breakthrough and gain some momentum towards God's purpose for you? When you approach obstacles wouldn't it be great to have the faith and know how to conquer it? Wouldn't it be amazing if you could rely on someone to be praying and championing you through your journey? Is it time for you to eliminate the fears, frustrations and doubts by doing something about it?

Well, I would love to help you. At The Prophetic Coach, I have been working closely alongside Christian business owners/entrepreneurs for the past seven years to develop a program that will help them gain certainty when it comes to hearing God's voice for their life and business. Get them clear with where God is taking them into the future. Build their confidence in what steps they need to take, to see progress towards their prophetic destiny and give them support through prayer, prophecy, coaching and teaching.

If this sounds like it would benefit you and your business I would love to offer you a once-off complimentary Prophetic Coaching session (valued at $400). This will give you a taste of what the Prophecy to Fulfilment coaching program looks like.


What you can expect in your complimentary session:

  • 3 steps that will begin to help you eliminate doubt & get you clear on what God is saying​.
  • 1 simple exercise to help you skyrocket your confidence in hearing God for yourself.
  • 1 once-off 60-minute coaching session.
  • An exclusive offer for the right businesses to join the Prophecy to Fulfilment coaching program. 


If afterwards, you decide that you would not like to sign up to the Prophecy to Fulfilment coaching program then that is totally ok. I will only take on those that it is a good fit for. If you do decide to sign up and for whatever reason and are not happy within the first 30 days of your purchase then I will happily refund your money.

Anyway, if you are keen to get started and receive your complimentary session (valued at $400) then click the button below.

Anyway, I look forward to connecting with you soon!


Best regards, 

Paul Robertson

The Prophetic Coach


Uncertain with what God is saying for you or your business?

Unclear with where God wants to take you?

Unsure of how to move forward?

A lack of prayer & spiritual support for you and your business?


Gain certainty in hearing God for yourself

Increase clarity with where God is taking you

Build confidence in taking steps towards His purpose

Thrive with prayer & spiritual support



Business Owner

“I've benefited immensely - in both a personal and business sense - from Paul's input. He is a man of integrity, insight, and incredible accuracy.” 

Hi, My name is Paul Robertson.

I'm the founder of The Prophetic Coach and my Prophecy to Fulfilment programme is designed to help Christian Business Owners/Entrepreneurs. To develop tools & strategies to become certain in hearing God's voice, gain clarity with where He is taking them and confident in the process and steps towards fulfilling their part in their prophetic destiny.

It's my heart is to see your relationship with God thrive and for you to fulfil all that He has called you to. I believe that you have been placed on this earth for a reason and that God wants to make a difference in and through you. I love to prophesy into all spheres of influence, in particular, the business and church spheres. I also love to see people equipped in those spheres to become confident in hearing God for themselves and going after the words that He speaks to them.


If you are looking for Godly: counsel, wisdom, direction, prayer support, spiritual breakthrough, prophetic encouragement & confirmation, or want to see heaven invade your life, business or ministry, then I'm here to help you.



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The Prophetic Coach is an Australian based business & ministry located in Northern N.S.W. Australia.

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