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What Is Prophetic Coaching

Prophetic Coaching is a combination of prophecy & life coaching. Prophecy is essentially hearing from the heavenly Father (God) and what His plan is for the future. Life coaching is a profession that helps people bridge the gap from where they are now to where they want to go in life or their profession. Life coaching gives practical tools and strategies that assist with gaining vision for the future, direction, planning, overcoming obstacles, and making decisions. When combing prophecy and life coaching we get prophetic coaching which aims at bridging the gap between where you are now and where the Father (God) wants to take you.

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Who Is It For

It is for those who are seeking out or wanting conformation on the Father's plan for there life, business, ministry or other area and want to take action in moving towards that future. It is for both believers and non believers. Essentially because of the nature of what we do, it attracts mostly believers, however we love connecting with both.

Prophetic/Life Coaching is not counselling or therapy and is not our field of expertise. Please see your local specialist if needing these services.

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who we have served so far

Ministers/Ministries - Pastors, Chaplains, Intercessors, Churches.

Business Leaders/Owners - Painters, Beauty Salons, Building Companies, Web Designers, Health/Life Coaches, Farmers and Entrepreneurs.

Individuals - Musicians, Artists and other creative people.

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Our Specialty

The Prophetic

Vision & Strategy

Encouraging Action

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WhAT you get in a session

May include but not limited to :

- Audio recored prophetic word

- 30 or 60min Life Coaching session

- Discovering or developing God's vision

- Constructing a plan of action

- Overcoming obstacles, challenges or hindrances

- Assistance in transition or decision making

- Mentoring & teaching in hearing God's voice

- Developing spiritual gifts & callings

- And more

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Next Step

From here you can:

- Book an online session through the online scheduling system below

- Or contact us directly to book your session by clicking HERE.

Wanting a more customised session or time for you or your group? Then let us know what you are wanting by clicking

(Prices below are based on 1 on 1 sessions)