What Is Prophetic Coaching

Prophetic Coaching is a combination of prophecy & life coaching. Prophecy is essentially hearing from the heavenly Father (God) and what His plan is for the future. Life coaching is a profession that helps people bridge the gap from where they are now to where they want to go in life or their profession. Life coaching gives practical tools and strategies that assist with gaining vision for the future, direction, planning, overcoming obstacles, and making decisions. When combing prophecy and life coaching we get prophetic coaching which aims at bridging the gap between where you are now and where the Father (God) wants to take you.

Who Is It For

It is for those who are seeking out or wanting conformation on the Fathers plan for there life, business, ministry or other area and want to  take action in moving towards that future. It is for both believers and non believers. Essentially because of the nature of what we do, it attracts mostly believers, however we love connecting with both.

Prophetic/Life Coaching is not counselling or therapy and is not our field of expertise. Please see your local specialist if needing these services. 

Who We Have Served So Far

Ministers/Ministries - Pastors, Chaplains, Intercessors, 

Business Leaders/Owners - Painters, Beauty Salons, Building Companies, Web Designers, Health/Life Coaches, Farmers and Entrepreneurs.

Individuals - Musicians and Artists.

Our Specialty

The Prophetic

Vision & Strategy

Encouraging Action

What You Get 

You will gain prophetic insight through a free recorded personal prophetic word that will be sent to your email in a digital format. From there we will give you time to pray into and weigh up the word we have given you before commencing our coaching session (we generally like to give 1 week for you to process this, however this may vary at times).   After that we will conduct a 30min or 60min Life Coaching session via Skype, which will give you tools and strategies to walk in alignment with the prophetic word you have been given or where you feel the Father leads. If your are not certain of what the Father is saying that's ok we can either help you with this or focus on what you want specifically in our coaching session.  

How it works

  1. The first step is to book in a time for your prophetic coaching session through our scheduling system below, by either clicking on one of the options that best suits you or sending us a message through our contact page and organising a prophetic coaching session. 
  2. Once you have booked in a prophetic coaching session, one or more of The Prophetic Coaching team will record a prophetic word for you, your business, or ministry and send it to your email as an MP3 download prior to your life coaching session. As soon as you have received the prophetic word we encourage you to listen to the word and weigh the word up. This helps you get a clearer sense of what you personally feel the Father is saying and also allows you to put to the side what you feel He is not saying. We give you total permission to take or leave what you feel the Father is saying or not saying through that prophetic word.
  3. From there we will conduct a life coaching session via Skype (or other means if arranged) where we will help you align with what the Father is saying. The life coaching session aims at giving you practical steps in knowing how to move forward towards what the Father is saying. Life coaching can help in developing vision, direction, overcoming obstacles, transition, and making decisions to name a few. In our session we will work together with you in regards to what is relevant to you and/or your situation. 

Please note that the online scheduling systems default time is based on AEST. You can change this setting to your appropriate location if it makes it easier for you.

If you have any questions please contact us.

We look forward to connecting with you soon!!