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The Prophetic Coach is an Australian based business & ministry located in Northern N.S.W. Australia.

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Prophetic Coaching

About Prophetic coaching

Prophetic Coaching aims to equip you with the tools and strategies to achieve the breakthroughs you need to see progress towards the fulfilment of Gods purpose for your life, business or ministry. 


If you are looking for Godly:

counsel, wisdom, direction, prayer support, spiritual breakthrough, prophetic encouragement & confirmation, or want to see heaven invade your sphere of influence then we can help you.


Prophetic Coaching is our premium service that will help propel your journey with God forwards,  help you gain clarity, take action and play your part towards the fulfilment of your prophetic destiny. 


The Prophetic Coach will champion you to prioritise and develop a deep relationship with God so that you are able to hear God for your life, business or ministry.


From this foundation, we will help you articulate the Father's vision and construct a plan that works toward fulfilling that vision. We will also walk alongside you as you execute the plan and assist you in overcoming any obstacles that may appear along the way. We will also help you when it comes to making tough decisions.


Prophetic Coaching is for those who are serious about increasing the potential of their life, business or ministry and fulfilling God's call upon their life. This means that you will need to take action and responsibility to apply what you learn. At times you may have to face some obstacles, challenges or fears that work to hinder your progress. However, we are here to encourage you through those times.


From our experience with coaching our clients, we have found that there are generally 5 key areas that significantly assist them to see progress towards the fulfilment of prophecies spoken over them. We have found that these key areas can be crucial in stepping into the fulfilment of those prophecies and we use them throughout our coaching services as we believe they are a real game changer.

The 5 Key Areas

These key areas will first and foremost work towards deepening your personal relationship with God. Our number one priority at The Prophetic Coach is to help you grow stronger in your love for the Father and from that foundation work towards seeing progress towards your prophetic destiny.​​​​​​​


This phase will help you develop your personal relationship with God so you can hear & follow Him with more confidence.


This phase focuses on getting clear on your prophetic destiny and where God wants to take you.


This phase works on constructing a plan that aligns and partners with God's purpose for your future.


This phase brings momentum as we execute the constructed plan with precision and see progress towards your prophetic destiny.


This phase strengthens you to become an overcomer so that you can rise above any challenge that may present itself along your journey.

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Business Owner

“I've benefited immensely - in both a personal and business sense - from Paul's input. He is a man of integrity, insight, and incredible accuracy.” 

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